Sunday, May 30, 2010

Elements of a good Ad Objective

by Smiley George)

Ad is a powerful tool. It's an indispensable and crucial form of communication seen as an influencing factor on consumers. It attempts to control human and purchasing behavior by appealing to human conscience and emotions. Ad is the soul of any surviving business, an activity engaged intentionally/unintentionally by us all.
1.Measurability: It is only a fool (am not trying to be arrogant, neither am I one), that will embark on a project without first measuring the cost. Before placing an Ad, what you want to achieve must be specified in quantifiable terms as it serves as a benchmark to its attainments.
2.Realistic: Who is the person that talked about building castle in the air? What good is it going to pay an Advertiser for embarking on a WHITE ELEPHANT ad? Setting unattainable Ad objective is like an individual without a plan and also planning to fail. Yours' might be to sustain your goodwill. Or increase sales or may be adding to the numbers of your customers like the Telecomm/ Financial institutions.
3.Time: Among many of the problems face by Advertisers and Ad agencies is wrong timing. Remember that Time is the only thing that takes no holiday. It is wise and advisable to be time cautions on your next advert placement for an hour lost can't be regained. Timing should be strictly adhere to by both the Advertisers and Ad agencies because time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear; too long for those who grieve and too short for those who rejoice.


 by Barbara J. Kenzik)

Early to bed, Early to rise, Work like crazy, and ADVERTISE!
Do you know what happens when you don't advertise? NOTHING!
With so many kinds of advertising available, how do you know which method fits you and your product? Advertising falls into four basic categories, as follows:
1. Tell People! Simple isn't it. But so many people don't tell people about their product or business. Print advertising is still the most popular form, with the internet not far behind. But remember - running an ad once is just a waste of money. It takes anywhere from 4 to 7 publications before an ad registers with the public.
2. Get Publicity! Hopefully you will get the good kind! Write a press release, get your picture in the local paper or on the news, do a radio interview, sponsor an event. Anytime you become visible, you get publicity.
3. Demonstrating. Vacuum cleaners, cosmetics, auto test drives, home parties. If your product can be demonstrated successfully, it is as good as sold.

Facts about Super Sized Advertising Catalogs

by charen smith)

Do you need a great idea for cheap catalog printing? Well then, why not try super sizing your catalogs? I know it sounds odd. Cheap but super sized? But don't worry you read correctly. You can actually invest cost effectively in catalog printing when you go super sized. Bigger catalog printing provides a lot of different benefits to your localized promotional catalog campaign at a cheaper cost. Don't believe me? Then here are a few facts about super sized catalog printing that you should know about.

Fact number 1: Large catalogs get that wide eyed impact
It is indeed a fact that larger catalogs have more impact than small ones. In this case for catalogs, size does really matter. When you see a large scaled document or book, don’t you get a little bit wide eyed at the prospect of reading something big? There is that feeling of holding something big and important when you hold on to a big printed work. Super sized catalogs have that same effect. When you are given a large catalog all you probably can say is, “wow big!” You will definitely be curious and interested to what that big catalog has to say and in most cases, you will also remember it better because of its size.

Fact number 2: Eyes will always find large catalogs interesting
Large catalogs also attract attention more. It is basically a better eye-catcher. People pick up large catalogs, with nice large pictures first, before picking up a smaller one. This means that a large sized catalog can pick up more readers effectively than a few smaller ones put together. So more or less you can then speculate that a large catalog can be worth two to three catalogs in terms of effectiveness. This can give you the opportunity to print smaller amounts of catalogs with bigger sizes and impact. In terms of worth, your large catalogs may pull in more customers in fact than a larger amount of smaller catalogs at the same printing price.

Fact number 3: Super sized catalogs are perfect for spot area promotions
Super sized catalogs are perfect for spot promotions like advertising in your shop counter, or promoting in a convention booth or something similar. If there is a place where people stroll around and browse products and services then super sized catalogs are good for the situation. Large catalogs attract readers and basically give them the opportunity to browse products quickly without having to move around. Lazy as this may sound, catalogs then effectively become a crucial tool for getting more potential customers. Moreover, they really shine for spot promotions where you want groups of people who are milling around to notice your catalogs and the product descriptions inside them.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Are PopIns better than Banners or PopUnders?

by John Iacovakis)

In the past, website directories, online classifieds, safe lists and banner ads were all terrific ways to obtain website traffic. But the Internet is a dynamic medium that is constantly changing. And some methods just haven�t been able to keep up.
On top of that, cost-per-click advertising is costing today�s entrepreneurs as much as several dollars per visitor!
Search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy, costing thousands of dollars (unless you do it yourself) but results are not guaranteed�
Pop Under advertising campaigns are cheap but you have to know how to properly set-up a pop under campaign. In my opinion, PopIn (layer) ads are a terrific (and cheap) way to attract the attention of thousands of visitors:
PopIn ads receive a click trough rate of 1% - 2.0% (some popin layer ads receive a CTR of up to 5%)
Banner ads receive a click trough rate of 0.2% - 0.6% (some banner ads receive a CTR of up to 2%)
That means that if your PopIn ad receives a CTR of 2%, a 100.000 PopIn impressions campaign (avg. cost: $200,00) will bring 2.000 (targeted) visitors to your web site with a cost per targeted visitor of $0.10 only.

Poetry + Advertising = Are You Kidding?

 by eRix)

Using Your Own Poetry to Advertise � Friday, August 27, 2004
Have you ever written a poem for somebody before?
Have you ever written a catchy saying on someone�s birthday or anniversary card?
Have you ever written a love letter to someone?
Simple, catchy poems or sayings are very easy to create and an even better way to promote a website. Poetry websites or web rings are plentiful and give you a way to publish your poems and sayings, most of the time for free.
Within signing up for the rights to upload and publish your work, you can give contact information that serves as a type of media that draws attention toward your email or website URL. Most of the time this information is placed with your poem or saying so that people who view the work will learn something about the author, you the website owner. On a poetry website, you are stuck with the hopes that someone will accidentally find your poem, read your biography, and then go to your website.
This works periodically, but periodically is not what webmasters are after; webmasters want instant traffic from whatever effort is put out. If you post advertisements, you want a reaction from it�some do not care if the reaction is bad or good, they want any kind of reaction from the work. This is what is commonly known as branding your product or service.
An easier way to brand your website is to join a poetry web ring that has a lot of members because when you post your poem or saying, usually, your entry is sent in email to a majority of the people inside the ring. It is like sending a mini-email campaign because at the end of every poem or saying you can put the vital information of your web site. I like to put my website�s whole address for a person to cut-and-paste into an address bar in case the address is not an active hyper-link.
A few things to keep in mind before you try this is to only post one poem or saying a day because people in the ring might consider you as trying to spam all of the members and the moderator may reject your work or even kick you out of the ring, so be careful. Another good fact to know is that most of the poetry sites do not want poems or sayings longer than 20 lines; therefore, you can format all of your work into this limited number of lines and know exactly the amount of text you should have. Having a 20 line limit is also good for the writer because you can learn to focus your intended message in a short format.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are You Using Ezine Classified Ads?

by David McKenzie

If not, then you should be. They are much more effective than traditional online classifieds mainly because they are more targeted.
How many ezines do you think are out there in internet world?
I really do not know. But it has got to be tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands.
Guess what? Most of them have a subscriber base of fewer than 2,000 and very few people are targeting this subscriber base. The big boys are just targeting the large subscriber ezines.
There is a huge market in getting your targeted ezine ad to tens of thousands of people.
Here are 3 ways you can do it:
1. Ezine Ad Swaps.
You can swap ezine ads with other ezine editors.
The cost to you - ZERO! You can just approach another ezine editor and ask to swap 6 ads in their next 6 issues. And you will feature their ezine ad in your next 6 issues.
2. Pay for Ezine Ads
You could negotiate a deal to pay for ezine ads. If someone has a subscriber base of 1,000 subscribers and they currently run little or no ezine ads ask them if they would like to receive some money to run your ezine ad. I bet they don't say no.
3. Swap Ezine Ads for Articles
Instead of swapping ezine ads why not feature another editors article in your ezine and they feature your ezine ad in their ezine. Both sides benefit.
What about receiving money for running ezine ads in your ezine?
Once you get to 1,000 subscribers you can start to run paid ezine ads. But don't run any more than 3 per issue. You do not want to clutter your ezine with a whole lot of ads.
Rates vary tremendously but let's assume you negotiate a deal of $10 per thousand subscribers for each ezine ad. You run 3 ads per ezine.
If your ezine was a weekly publication then that is an extra $30 per week, or $1,560 per year. A nice little extra earner.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tax Debt Help Tips - How to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt for Less

by Mansi Gupta

You are probably reading this because you are in need of tax debt help.  Sometimes it feels like there is no way out from under an overwhelming IRS tax debt. However, for taxpayers that simply can’t afford to pay, there is a solution. You can actually settle your IRS tax debt for less than you owe! This is known as an “Offer in Compromise” and if you qualify for it, it is one of the most beneficial forms of IRS tax debt help available.  But before you try it, you need to prime yourself with a little research and some basic knowledge. Roll up your sleeves, this won’t be easy.
The IRS tax settlement program, or Offer in Compromise, reduces the amount owed for taxpayers that cannot afford to pay before the statute of limitations (time to collect on the debt) runs out. It is an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS that settles the tax liability for less than the full amount owed. Anyone can apply for an Offer in Compromise for tax debt help.  However, not everyone is going to be approved.  You need to know the steps and the paperwork required for a tax settlement to increase your chances of actually securing this form of tax debt relief.
In order to apply for an Offer in Compromise you need to complete IRS Form 656, Offer in Compromise and IRS Form 655-V, the Offer in Compromise payment voucher. The IRS will not accept an offer that is less than your earning potential in the years before they can no longer collect on your debt. This means you need lots of documents to prove you simply cannot pay your tax debt before your statute runs out. Now your mission is to begin finding and assembling those documents that “will prove to the IRS” that you can’t pay your tax debt in full.  Some common examples are past due notices, bills, unemployment checks, and anything and everything that serves to substantiate your financial hardship claim. Submit all of this documentation with IRS Form 656, Offer in Compromise
Before you begin on your quest for tax settlement as your preferred form of tax debt relief, it is important to know the success rate. While it is true that you can actually settle your IRS tax debt for less, the IRS does not “give up easily” on full collection of past tax debt.  In fact, fewer than 20% annually of all Offer in Compromise applications submitted to the IRS are approved. For this reason, it is incredibly important to double check IRS Form 656, Offer in Compromise before you submit it.  Incomplete or inaccurate applications are rejected.  The IRS also rejects applications where the tax settlement “offer amount” is deemed to be too low.
It is true that some taxpayers have submitted their own Offer in Compromise successfully. However, when it comes to submitting an offer, you have a better success rate when you work with a qualified tax professional. IRS tax settlement specialists know the “ins and outs” of IRS rules and guidelines, and are experienced in assembling the necessary documentation to maximize your chances for approval. Remember that this form of tax debt relief is the most beneficial, so it may be prudent to give yourself every possible chance at success.  That often means using qualified IRS tax debt help advisors.  Keep in mind that if it appears you will not qualify for IRS tax settlement, a professional tax advisor is aware of all programs that may give you the tax debt relief you need.

Online Banners - Effective and Easily Available Solutions for Your Business Advertising Needs

by om prakash)

Banners are an effective way to promote grand openings, trade shows, liquidation or clearance sales for indoor or outdoor events. Decorated with beautiful designs, appealing colors and eye catching information banners are an effective mean of advertising.  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising, they are very cheap and vital means to advertise a new product, or a message for mass appeal. They are able to attract a high volume of people in a very short time. Full color roadside banners easily attract people from all walks of life. Banners that are hung on stands in a standalone environment or in the center of a show room are extremely noticeable, and are a great way to get that message across.
Banners are used for different purposes. They are always used to convey something. If used to praise something they becomeadvertising banners and if used against something become protest banners. Depending upon their use there are many different types of banners. Banners are made from different materials. The amount of time a banner is exposed to the elements either indoors or out should determine the process used to produce it and the material it is printed on. In spite of the many other materials Vinyl or PVC is a material used widely to make banners for short-term use. Vinyl banners are a low cost form of outdoor advertising. Vinyl is a durable material, so it’s perfect for external use and it can take a battering from wind and rain (once it is tied securely). A typical Vinyl banner has an outdoor durability of 4 years. They are commonly seen as billboards, table banners, trade show banners, building banners, street banners as well as stadium flags. There are various types of vinyl banner:
Digitally printed banners: printed with aqueous (water based), semi-solvent and solvent based inks, which in some printers may be UV-curable to provide better resistance to the weather.
Vinyl lettered banners: produced by applying individual elements cut from self-adhesive vinyl by a computer-driven vinyl cutter. Vinyl lettered banners are quick, easily and affordable. You can put any message on a custom vinyl lettered banner.
Screen printed: produced using screen-printing, in which different colors are laid down one at a time using stencils.
Painted: Equipped with hand-painted graphics and lettering, these type of banners are uncommon with the advent of modern printing.
Online banner printing has facilitates the whole process of banner printing. With the advent of the most advanced printers; advertising banners are getting more economical and attractive nowadays. You can buy a readymade banner for instant use or can place an order for your custom made banner online.

Printing Templates: Your Best Online Printing Tool

by Robert Johnston)

Printing templates is one of the best online printing tools that I have had the experience of using. If you have not used templates yet in your print publishing then you should really know about them. Printing templates are basically those layout files with pre-determined dimensions, margins and guidelines which you can use to quicken the design and printing process.

That is why I am here now to convince you that printing templates are the best online printing tool for you. There are a couple of reasons why printing templates can help you in online printing. Four of them are listed below.

Standardization equals efficiency – First and foremost, using a template usually means you are standardizing. Templates with standard dimensions, file formats and settings are usually easier and faster to use when you compare it to building your own design from scratch. So if there are a lot of time constraints in your printing schedule, templates are ideal to maximize time efficiency. You will be rolling out those prints faster (along with the use of online printing) because you do not waste time fiddling with the layout and format.

Templates mean less work for you – Also, some good news for you. Templates usually means less work for you or your team. You do not have to be stressed in thinking about the right settings that you need to put into the writing material. Everything is decided for you and you just have to add in the custom content and elements that you want. You do not need to be an expert on the print medium and you do not have to learn a lot of new things to make the printing as perfect as possible. Everything should be a simple straight forward “add and print” process. No tedious adjustment and readjustment of things. You can send them to your online printers within hours.

Can be used by most applications – Templates are also very versatile. Especially if you use high resolution image templates, almost all desktop publishing applications can easily open the printing template type without any errors. This means that templates are ideal if you usually cross platforms and applications. There are no problems in file conversions and such and you should have an easy time printing all your things.

Free and easily downloaded – Finally, one of the best benefits from printing templates is that you do not have to spend money on them. Most of them are usually free and easily acquired over the Internet through many ways including online printing services. So it really is no problem getting them and you do not need to worry about paying.

Should You Advertise on TV?

by BIG Mike McDaniel)

When people discover my background in advertising, the questions flow. One of the most frequent questions is "Should I advertise on TV?"
I can't answer that questions until I ask a number of questions first.
Do you have an advertising plan?
Are you working on a firm budget?
What are you trying to accomplish with your advertising?
Where are you spending your money now?
Usually by the 4th question the happy face becomes one of disappointment.
Contractors don't build a building without a plan, and you shouldn't advertise without a plan. The first action is to determine what you want your advertising to do. Most small and medium businesses do not have the bucks for long term image, so they focus on a call to action or proclaiming benefits (not features).
Can TV do that? Probably. Can you afford it? Probably not. Local TV ads even in the smallest of television markets are expensive. You can buy cheap ads, but the cost is factored to the number of viewers. The cheaper the ads, the fewer the viewers. How many folks do you know are glued to the tube at 5:45 AM?
You can get on TV by using the Cable TV in your market. With Cable, you can buy a package that's spread over 15 or more cable channels. Beware the number of viewers and the shoddy production. Get my article "Cable Ads 5 Bucks" by sending a blank eMail to
Some people in business believe you haven't "arrived" until your business is on TV or on a billboard, or both. Funny, I know of hundreds of businesses making big bucks that don't use either.

Will Howard Sterns Major Move have a Dramatic Effect on Radio

 by Louis Victor - New Age Media Concepts)

Recently the King of All Media Howard Stern announced his agreement with SIRIUS Satellite Radio, the question is what type of impact will that have on the world of radio and its advertising revenue?
Well lets just look at the impact that Howard Stern himself has made on the world of radio, he is undeniably one of the most popular figures in the world of all media not just radio. He has made his mark on media as being the pioneer of what they have dubbed the Shock Jock, but before that was popular he was one of the only radio personalities that had the vision and more importantly had the heart, for lack of a better word, to make his own path and not follow the herd.
He created a revolution of sorts in the world of radio spawning a new breed of Disc Jockey in all of the major radio markets. Stern has overcome adversity and has been pinned to the cross more times than not. He has commanded loyalty from his audience and from his team, this has helped him conquer any market that he was allowed to enter.
So him being one man, how is this going to possibly have any major effect on radio advertising?, Howard Stern is a leader and an innovator, his listeners are loyal to him, these are ratings, high ratings equal increased advertising dollars. He is essentially the Pied Piper of the radio but this doesnt only hold true for his listeners but it holds true for the industry. Is it out of the question that he will attract the best of the best to follow him to SIRIUS?, I think its more of a reality than most radio stations want to admit.
So will his jump will have an effect on the advertising revenue for his station 92.3 and the affiliate stations that he is airing on, time will tell, but if ratings equal advertising revenue, what happens when the ratings drop?, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Now its also not hard to figure out that SIRIUS is going to want to tap into everything that Stern brings with him so do not be surprised when the cost of subscribing to satellite radio drops, which will allow a greater fan base to listen to the program.
The question is how much of an effect will this have on radio advertising revenue in general, will this be a domino effect and have the results of the AM station?, I cant predict the level of impact but if I were the Radio Advertising Bureau president I would take a deep hard look into it, because whether you love him or hate him, Howard Stern has become an Icon in broadcast radio.

Advertising in Video Games Hit a Speed Bump

by Louis Victor)

The publishers of the popular video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are feeling the heat from the Federal Trade Commission as of late. A probe has been launched into the popular video game and this comes on the heels of New York Senator Hilary Clinton and Michigan Congressman Fred Upton urging the US House of Representatives to investigate whether video game publisher Take Two Interactive Software intentionally deceived the ratings board to avoid an Adult Only rating.
According to reports sex scenes were buried in the video game and this was not told to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, who have raised the rating from Mature to Adults Only.
As of now retailers such as Circuit City, Best Buy and even Wal-Mart have since ceased selling the video game and removed it from their shelves.
Will the latest scandal be the end of  Advergaming?
Its doubtful, the video game industry is an $11 billion dollar industry that reaches one of the most evasive demographics, males between the ages of 17 to 35.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a very popular video game but its one of hundreds that hit the shelves every year. It just so happens that due to their actions they will bring stricter laws to the table and make it more difficult to get a PG rating for action games.
Though marketers may have been scared off, and for good reason, they should not discount the potential value of embedding their brand within video games. Instead of abandoning the medium, marketers may want to be more selective in what video games they associate their brand with. No brand wants to be involved in controversy especially when it relates to pornographic material being embedded in a video game.
Marketers may want to do more research into the video game before jumping in headfirst. They need to perform their due diligence which includes looking at past video games published by a particular company and previewing the game itself.