Saturday, March 27, 2010

Banner Stands - Costs and Analysis

We all know that banner stands are the weapons of choice in the marketing world. However, just how do we decided where and how to purchase these effective devices? What is the cost of single or multi-pack banner stands? How do you decide to purchase a three, four, or even six banner multi-pack? These are all important decisions, and can be deciding factors in the effectiveness of your advertisement.

Depending on the size and quality of your single banner stands, your purchases can range anywhere from $100 - $250. Of course, a purchaser is capable of greatly increasing the size, including a variety of dynamic colors, images and artwork, making your single banner into a double sided. The list could go on. The style of your single banner is essentially endless according to your imagination and the size of your billfold. However, the most attractive and popular designs are the retractable, single-sided, 30”-40” single banners. This however is quite bland when you explore the possibilities of a multi-pack banner stand. For examples of single banner stands and their price ranges just use your preferred search engine.

Following the pattern described earlier, these banner stands come in endless varieties and depend entirely on your imagination. Multi-pack banners are typically the most popular because they add a new dimension and personality to your advertisements. However, jumping from the single banner to the multi-pack banner may place a large hole in the wallet. The going price for a multi-pack banner can range from $700 (for a 3 pack) to $2000 (for a 6 pack). These elaborate designs add a large customer appeal to your product. The flashier your adds, the more customers they attract. For examples of the prices ranges and styles of the multi-pack banner stands, again simply research them on the internet.


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