Saturday, March 27, 2010


When we buy and prepare for our families, we are dealing with people who are bonded. People who produce and sell our food are bonded. There are agriculture bonds, required by the Department of Agriculture, to protect producers from losses and to ensure available yields for consumers; there is a similar produce dealer bond, and a stockyard bond insures payment for livestock shipped. A farm labor contractor is obtains a to guarantee monies owed to laborers.

Service professionals work in our homes and offices every day; it is wise to hire those trained employees, such as pest control service people and janitorial services who carry a general services surety bond. If there is a guard service in your neighborhood, or if you hire security for a private event, be sure to hire someone with a guard service bond, also under the heading of general services surety bonds.

Most will not be surprised to know that people dealing with other people’s money are usually required to secure a bond.are issued to commercial or professional tax preparers, fund raisers, and treasurers. The surety bond basically assures that the person will act responsibly and according to the law. Financial services surety bonds are usually regulated by state law and are necessary for licensing.

There is no doubt several hundred bonding companies throughout the country. Most cities have multiple bond issuing agencies to choose from. A surety bond service should have agents who have a broad based knowledge of bonds as well as the industries and business served. They should be able to help with the specific type of contract bond,or commercial bond you request. The surety bond company should have strong ties to the community and a vested interest in your success as well as their own.


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