Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Banners are perhaps the most widely used sign system on the market today. It is a simple and inexpensive way to expose a message and still maintain high quality. A banner (banderoll in Swedish) is made of PVC fabric with eyelets and works like a regular sign - but is easy to take down, wash and hang up again.

A banner in PVC is used for all occasions. Trade shows, sales meetings, parties, club gatherings, festivals - all need banners to get the message (such as sponsors' logos and related advertising) out to the customers.

A banner is made directly from the customer's own material, and thus the customer determines how the banner should look like. The client determines the size of the design and makes it himself. The original is then uploaded to as a PDF or JPG image, and we print directly from that on PVC fabric with digital printing technology.

PVC fabric is available in roll form, and thus one can adapt their banner to the size you want. We can produce up to five meters without svetsvåder - over this dimension sew or weld it up several banners to thereby create giant banners.

Banners can be supplied in large quantities, quickly, and therefore fits very well to large companies who want out with much information at once. Political parties often makes use of the banners to get the message across quickly and effectively.

Since the banners are so easy to take down and set up so you can even roll them up and carry the banners in the car, plane or train. It is easy to deal with them when they do not weigh that much.

Large banners are folded first before you roll them, but it is then important to roll up the banner as soon as possible, so that the creases do not become permanent.

Banners can be seen everywhere and the large volume that is created makes it possible to keep low prices. This makes banners the absolute most advantageous sign system, you can get today. In economic terms, so it earns a lot more to buy banners than using eg, metal signs and even signs of hard foamed PVC.

We print four + two colors (sexfärgstryck) for banners with high resolution, so that you can get photo-realistic banners for the same price. This allows many ranges up their banners permanently and thereby get a much finer sign at a cheaper price.

Banners are also very durable. PVC fabric is not as easily torn as similar material, and if UV ink is used the banners can usually be kept for years. Sometimes a banner can stay up for a decade without being destroyed or pale in color.

Most racetracks have now switched completely to using banners instead of metal signs, so that they can keep the advertising budget. This in turn tends to make the banners can be replaced more often and to be able to offer more dynamic set of fields.

Banners have a tendency to be seen as frivolous at times, but it is assumed that create a very attractive design, materials and ensures that hang the banner correctly so they side-step the problem. Today, many people are using banners, and it is not entirely obvious that everyone knows how best to mount the banners. But work is peaceful and orderly it is customary to use the banner as a serious advertising media in several years - and at a very low cost.


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