Saturday, March 27, 2010


Any business owner understands the importance of hiring the best people possible to insure a well run, profitable business. A top sales force will produce top results. This is equally true for all administrators, techs, marketing and office staff. Educated, well trained, experienced people make for the best companies. Often, however, there is a group of employees who typically go unnoticed as they work in the background of the actual business of your company. This work force is vital to your bottom line even though their function is different than that of your company’s. These folks are the maintenance staff, security staff, and transportation staff.

They may work after hours and behind the scenes. They may be unknown by most of the staffers; nevertheless, the tasks they perform are necessary in order for your company to operate efficiently and securely. The janitorial, security, and transportation staff, whether a few people or a team of fifty is essential to any business.

It is in the company’s best interest to hire business services that provides bonded service people. Janitorial service protection for your company against dishonest service providers. Be sure to inquire about this you engage any janitorial service. The Janitorial contractor can purchase a janitorial security bond to cover its employees from a surety bond.

Like the janitorial service bond, companies that outsource security or transportation employees to other business, should to be able to verify that their employees are covered by this category of business services bonds. A business services surety bond provides an added layer of legal protection to the companies who hire these service providers. If a complaint is made and is followed by an arrest and conviction, the business service will pay compensation to your company.

Companies hiring service providers whose employees have janitorial surety bonds, transportation surety bonds, and security surety bonds can feel confident they are doing all they can to protect their interest, the interest of their employees, and their clients. Service providers will find surety bonds reasonably priced and enhance their customer list as well. Potential customers view this assurance by your business as an added benefit to them.


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