Saturday, March 27, 2010


Buying a new home is a huge investment of both money and emotions. The American Dream lies in owning ones residence, putting down roots, and making memories of Home. Dorothy had it right, there is no place like home. For most, our fondest memories come from our home and family. Remember Father of the Bride; the center to the story--home. The Waltons… all about home. Paige Rense says, “Everyone has, I think, in some quiet corner of his mind, an ideal home waiting to become a reality.” The reality of a home may just be in the dynamic city of Chicago, Ill. or surrounding areas. More specifically, you new home may be waiting in the charming town of Oswego, a mere hour‘s travel from the Chicago Loop.

Chicago’s commitment to a growing and thriving economy is attracting homebuyers from across the country. Those looking for a suburban lifestyle should look to Oswego, a small town with a big heart and an attraction to families. Newcomers, established homeowners, or those relocating to the Chicago area can find a new home in Oswego real estate at virtually every price point. Singles and families alike find the this area replete with medical centers, shopping , recreation options like walking and bike trails as well as parks and golf courses. Of course, for commuters, there are convenient Merta stops for quick transit into the city of Chicago.

New home developments such as Fenwick, Prescott Mill, Windham, and Alcott, all located in Oswego, offer new home options for every taste and budget and life style. Homebuyers will find wide selections for spacious homes with quality construction in all new Pulte homes. New homes models exhibit distinct exteriors and elegant interiors. Communities differ from location to location, but all homes show with pride.

Find a home where one can live and build a family, a community with a unique history, a life with many fond memories, as well as a home that proves to be substantial investment, building both emotional and real assets. If you are considering a new home in Illinois, consider Oswego. The village of Oswego, has a newly adopted downtown framework plan which coincides with goals in their overall strategic growth plan. If you are viewing Chicago new homes and looking for a good investment, then Oswego is worth consideration. Pulte Homes is a major home builder in the village, get an idea of price range by looking at their inventory.


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