Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hitachi Air Conditioning

Hitachi's new range of Room has developed significantly in recent years following a great deal of investment in research and development and testing facilities at various Hitachi factories and laboratories, around the world.

Hitachi has continuously developed sophisticated energy saving air conditioning systems that reduce CO2 emissions and help to protect the global environment. The latest Room Air Conditioning offering from Hitachi is the Cut Out range of Wall and Floor Mounted units.

Available in the Mono Multizone or Summit range the units have a stylish design and are available in a variety of colours.

The Hitachi range of Room Air Conditioners feature a vast array of significant features all designed with the user in mind including high efficiency DC Inverter PAM control, eco friendly R410a refrigerant, high power and performance for greater energy efficiency, a low ambient working range of 10°C for cooling and -15°C for strong heating capacity under low ambient temperature conditions.

The system offers a zone by zone heating or cooling for up to four areas, and wide selection of indoor unit types and capacities.

As you would expect from an Industry leader such as Hitachi, they have been at the forefront of technological development and advancement. As the pioneer of ‘DC’ Inverter driven Room Air Conditioners, there units boast the significant advantage of all DC Inverter driven compressors and fans. Enhanced inverter performance and system performance are achieved by the addition of a ‘DC’ drive.

The variable speed compressor (inverter) enables the system to rapidly reach the desired room temperature setting. Once the desired room temperature has been achieved the compressor rotation speed is reduced, saving up to 30% in energy usage (when compared to conventional systems) without compromising comfort levels.

The inclusion of a DC driven motor delivers an enhanced performance over standard AC motor driven systems. This enhanced performance can be as much as 10%!

The cooling and heating performance is even more impressive than before. The units have been designed for cooling operation under low temperatures down to -10°C. At outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C, the PAM controlled range of inverter split systems continue to provide high capacity heating performance.

The motor uses digital control to maximise PAM control performance. Loss during high-speed revolution is reduced thanks to digital control of the motor. Shaft run out during high speed revolution is lessened by three balancers mounted on the crank shaft. Efficient operation with drastically reduced refrigerant leakage is ensured by the automatic compression system, in which the tip of the slewing scroll is kept in absolute contact with the fixed scroll, in addition to special processing of the scroll surface.

Today all Monozone and two Multizone room air conditioning units have Hitachi’s new twin rotary compressor which has even less vibration and even higher performance efficiency than conventional rotary compressors. Two rotating cylinders ensure well balanced rotation unlike the conventional single-rotary type, thus greatly reducing any vibration noise. The compressor’s operation is magnificently improved by the independent operation of the cylinders leading to greater efficiency

Hitachi air conditioners conform to the 2002/31/EC Directive - 92/75/EEC “Energy labelling Directive (ELD)” , which is applicable from June 2004 on all air conditioning products up to 12Kw cooling capacity. The DC inverter PAM technology helps to achieve the ‘A’ class, the highest level of energy efficiency which is clearly indicated on the standard labelling system.
Hitachi’s PAM (Power Active Module) control system mirrors the current pulse waveform to avoid distortion and therefore achieve almost 100% power factor to enhance power efficiency. This cutting edge device is employed in all Hitachi Mono/Multizone products for comfort and energy saving for the environment. It ensures the efficient use of input power and minimises loss to less than 1%.

In their new models they have introduced the state of the art Nano-Titanium Catalyst which dramatically improves the functions of deodourisation, bacteria elimination and anti-bacterial measures. Titanium Oxide has been used as a photocatalyst for many years but Hitachi have now enhanced it by reducing its size to a nanometer – over 1000 times smaller than ordinary bacteria agent. This ultrafine catalyst can therefore catch smaller microbes or bacteria which may escape from other filters leading to higher air quality circulating around the room. The Nano-Titanium does not deteriorate or run out as particles and dead fungi do not accumulate on the surface, so it can be used semi-permanently.

Either the SPX-CFH5 or SPX-CFH11, washable carbon and anti-bacteria air purifying filters are included in all of Hitachi’s room products. This ensures that the micro dust, pollen particles and odours that can collect on filters can be easily removed. The filters can be washed and reused up to 20 times.

Hitachi is using the new R410A refrigerant in all of its room air conditioning products to ensure its continual environmentally friendly approach as well as the ongoing development of techniques for saving energy and reducing power consumption. made with easy servicing in mind. All components can be easily reached and self diagnosis is made easy. Errors are easily identified by the blinking patterns made by lights on the LED outside the indoor and inside the outdoor units.

If the auto start mode is selected at the ON/OFF switch, then the unit automatically resumes operation in the mode that was in use before it was switched off. This saves time for the user on start up and setting selection.

The built-in microcomputer continuously selects the best operating mode to achieve the required heating and cooling temperature. The sensor checks the operating mode periodically to provide maximum comfort for the user.

All units come with a standard easy to use wireless or wired remote control, equipped with 24hr timer. All commands are shown on the liquid crystal display while convenient, frequently-used functions (sleep mode timer, fan speed and louver control) can be operated with one touch buttons.

The Hitachi Multizone range was the worlds first all DC Inverter Multisplit system with zone by zone cooling or heating for up to four rooms. Hitachi DC scroll and DC twin-rotary compressor, together with award winning DC inverter PAM technology, aid the achievement of a system power factor of almost 100%, thus providing unparalleled performance and efficiency.

The all DC Inverter system ensures extremely sensitive and accurate temperature control through fuzzy logic and offers remarkably low sound levels.

The wide range of units has been designed for cooling operation under low temperatures, down to -10°C. This feature enables cooling to be obtained even in winter on buildings with high internal heat gains due to lighting, people and machines, particularly in areas such as shops and lecture rooms. The heating operation under low temperature, down to -15°C can also be performed.

The recent integration of Multizone and Monozone employing R410A refrigerant provides a comprehensive selection of DC inverter PAM mono and multi split systems, maintaining full compatibility of indoor unit throughout the range.

Monozone/Multizone compatible indoor unit ranges caters for all requirements offering wall mounted, floor standing, 60cm x 60cm cassettes, and in the ceiling duct units, designed to offer elegance and comfort to any application.

You can choose and connect freely from different types of indoor and outdoor units depending on the number of rooms, width and shape of the room.

The single Monozone outdoor units work on a 20m to 30m maximum length of piping, and are made in four different capacities. Multizone outdoor units can have a maximum chargeless piping length up to 70m when one outdoor unit is used with four indoor units in various locations. A maximum combination of indoor units can provide a wide selection of 6.5kW to 12.0kW.


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